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Never rebuild project management in your Notion again

A Notion template that solves painful problems of project management in Notion instead of looking beautiful.


Solve your most painful problems with one powerful template

If one of these problems resonates with you, Nora is for you.

(You probably are!)

Rebuilt Nth time

You rebuilt your project management many times and are still not happy

Tasks are too big

Someday you can't move any tasks to Done, because the task was too big

Don't know what to do?

Sometimes I just look at my backlog and don't know what to do

Many outdated tasks

My backlog has too many outdated tasks that I even avoid looking at

No sprint tracking

My system doesn't have good sprint tracking, can't track projects' sprints

No estimate system

My system doesn't have good estimate, can't know how long a task may take

An absolute 5/5 rating

Reviews are from paid customers and Product Hunt community

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Infinite sub-issues

Break any tasks into sub-tasks in 1-click to ship faster, don’t ever get stuck again

1-click create

Green Tick

Sub-issues at infinite level

Green Tick
Infinite sub-issues
Sprint tracking

Sprint tracking & estimate

Track timeline of sprints & tasks without thinking about how long each task takes

Sprint estimated hours & progress

Green Tick

Take sub-issues into account

Green Tick

Never lose track of your projects again

What-to-do suggestions

Suggest what to do based on your energy level, what you feel like working

Intensive tasks for focus time

Green Tick

Chore tasks for down time

Green Tick
What to do?
Work in-progress

Estimate & Progress

See estimate & progress at all level: projects, sprints, tasks & sub-tasks. Never lose sight of your project again

Auto-estimated hours for everything

Green Tick

Auto-updated progress for everything

Green Tick

Smart Outdated Tasks

Smart auto-outdated tasks, never avoid looking at your backlog again

Auto-outdated tasks

Green Tick

Effortless way to review & cleanup tasks

Green Tick
Auto Cleanup
You are convinced?

Never rebuild your project management again today!

Save hundreds of hours caused by losing track of your projects and rebuilding the system to manage them from scratch.

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Excellent product! I've been using it this week and all I can say is that it's perfect! I strongly recommend it.

Easy to use Strong feature set

Yudax, Notion Certified Ambassador


This is the best project management in Notion I have been so far!

Strong feature set

Tony Dinh, Founder of


Couldn't be happier with it - finally, a Notion template that just works. I didn't need to set anything up or learn a new method. Everything I needed came with the standard template.

What I love most about it, are the infinite sub-tasks. For me, that means that I can just start doing things instead of figuring out how to structure tasks the perfect way. Simplifies my working process so much!

Great customer support Easy to use Cost-effective Strong feature set Clear benefits

Jannis Betschki, Founder of Owlery

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Let's read more comments from our customers

Marie Ng

Founder of Llama Life

Just bought it! This is seriously next level! I thought I was pretty good at Notion, but in comparison to this I'm just a beginner 😄

Maya Ben Zid

Working on oVice

The focus on productivity is amazing. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by "what to do" suggestions - having to choose a task on your to-do list is a pain.

Damon Chen

Founder of

Damn! This is exactly something I want! Just grabbed a deal ✌️

Bhanu Teja

Founder of

This is the most comprehensive project management template that I have come across. If you use Notion, you should definitely check this Notion template.

Dominik Sobe

Founder of

Awesome product! The moment I saw it I immediately knew it will help me a lot!

Al Caan

Founder of CloudDevs

Brilliant product! This is the ideal tool to simplify the process of project management. The up-to-date overview of everything is the perfect way to make sure everything is in check.

Denislav Jeliazkov

Product Designer of On Deck

Finally, something that I can just plug and play and not think or browse YT videos for countless of hours.

Quang Nguyen Tri

Founder of Viz4D

Nora is exactly what I've been looking for.

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